Some kind words from Arthur Ransome:

Arthur is a photographer whose work I admire. He recently wrote to me about the images on this site.

"I am amazed at the breadth and depth of your photography. Many photographers have their “favorite” topics or subjects, and although they try to diversify, it is pretty obvious what their favorite subjects are. This is not the case in your photography. You have established a great “identity” and have defined a style that you seem to be equally comfortable applying to any subject or topic, irrespective of whether it is an exotic location or something that many people would not even notice.

The detail in your work is amazing - textures, shapes and lines are truly stunning. Your color images are all about the color – you have a very unique way of using color to emphasize your subjects. I found myself looking at many of the photographs wanting to know more about the subject - to see the sights and to hear the sounds . . . "

Thanks, Arthur